Q&A  with Modern Ghost about their debut EP Yours, Completely “the next big thing in "epic pop"

Congratulations, the new music is sounding amazing! The last we remember of you guys you were taking the stage at Café L’Inco with Call Me Doctor and Isle of Thieves. Looks like things have been going really well with DECIBELS&DOLLARS.com calling the EP as "one of the most ground-breaking releases since 2003, the Golden Year of pop punk".

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band Modern Ghost is a band from Montreal, Québec and is made up of Pierre Bonin (Guitar, Vocals) and Graham Leduc (Drums, Percussions). They have recently just released their debut EP entitled Yours, Completely. The 5-track EP features refreshing songwriting by taking it back to the basics and singing about young love and desperation. From the opening smash single "Without You" (being featured as Video of the Week November 13) to the monumental closer "Raise Your Voice", the honesty in their lyrics is what draws individuals to become loyal fans.

Along with their honest and catchy hooks, each member of the band is humble and genuine, always maintaining active contact with their fan base. It is with this attitude that they are winning over fan after fan, culminating in the band's cult following, called DREAMWARRIORS.

As well, make sure you catch the band live for what fans and critics alike have qualified as one of the most electrifying performances offered by an unsigned act.
You can read the full biography of the band to learn more about the modern day rockers on their
official website.

1. For people like me, who saw you way back in the day and have lost touch with updates from the band, what should people know about the band, and more specifically about the new EP?

Graham: It’s pretty simple: we’re not stopping. With all of the challenges we’ve faced in the past 2 years, nothing’s going to stop us from reaching our goals. Well, nothing but a huge natural disaster like an earthquake or Pierre’s rancid farts.

Pierre: I couldn’t have said it better, I think. We’ve gone through hell and back trying to make this band work. And for people who don’t know who we are, Modern Ghost is an epic, uncompromising pop band. Enough said.

2. With the release of the new EP can we start marking our calendars with show dates from you guys?

Graham: Not just yet. One of our hurdles is ironing out how we’re going to make our live set exciting and engaging, a difficult task for an indie/unsigned band. Not impossible, but it is taking some time to figure out.

Pierre: Exactly. We have a reputation for being unpredictable and crazy, and the challenge we’re facing right now is turning this beautiful chaos into something that is a lot more appealing to a wider spectrum of people. No more fooling around and showing up to a concert 7 minutes before we’re playing.

3.  In your biography we read: “In a recent interview, when asked how far he would like his band to go, front man and bassist Pierre Bonin looks up and smiles, "To infinity and beyond, of course"”.  Any relation to the famous quote from Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story trilogy?

Graham: I’ll let Pierre answer that. I haven’t even seen any of the Toy Story franchise. :P

Pierre: Of course. The first Toy Story movie turned my life upside down. It truly was an inspiring movie.

4. Some artists while in studio will eat certain things, wear a special shirt. Did Modern Ghost have any “special studio rituals?” and, with having the space and the musical capability what was the song that you guys liked to rock out to the most?

Graham: We have a very simple rule, and it will be gross for some, but it’s no farting in the jam room. Same applies to the studio. Other than that, we just stick to our normal daily routine of eating pop rocks and drinking Dr. Pepper.

As for the most rocking tune, it’s a hard one for me to pick because a lot of the songs give me the same feeling. I’d have to say that both ‘Young and Alone’ and ‘Raise Your Voice’ are the 2 out of this EP that tickle my fancy the most.

Pierre: I think the main thing about being in the studio is learning how to show up on time and play shit properly. That alone leaves me no time for weird rituals. As for my favorite track, I really like the way ‘Without You’ came out. We had to re-track the whole song in 19201 different key signatures until we found the right one to sing on. I’ll always remember being in the studio and being told that I had to re-write the whole chorus because the one I had written before was complete garbage. It was nerve-racking, but at the end when I sang it for the first time, our vocal producer Luc Tellier just looked at me and said ‘’Yeah buddy. THAT’S your chorus.’’ What a relief.

5. What was the biggest inspiration behind the album? Or who was the biggest supporter for you guys through this process?

Graham: It’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing because this album took so long to piece together. Between lineup changes and technical issues we’ve had, it was rough. We originally had a 4 song EP that we ultimately ended up scrapping because it didn’t meet our standards and that helped us learn a few things to make ‘Yours, Completely’ what it is. Along with the drive for wanting this to be the best thing we could do with what we had…that was our inspiration. Oh, I almost forgot. The letter ‘W’ helped too.

Pierre: The whole thing was just rough. We had to write and record the album in a box the size of my closet. I felt claustrophobic, and on top of that a lot of stuff was falling apart in my personal life. It was rough.

6. What was your favorite song off the EP to record and why?

Graham: Raise Your Voice hands down. It was on the EP we scrapped and it was one of those songs that we got to see mature and grow into something better and more powerful. The transformation from what it was to what it is was really cool and fulfilling.

Pierre: Mine has to be ‘Angel Grove’. I just love the way it was put together. Once we had the basic form down, I just knew it was going to be something special. I remember tracking the vocals with Luc at 8 in the morning. It’s the song we spent the most time on, and I think it shows. Some of our friends sang on it, and it was just a lot of fun to make.

7. How did DREAMWARRIORS come about and can you tell us a bit about that? We noticed you need a password to access that part of your website, how could a new fan gain access to this part of the website?

Graham: That’s something that you’ll have to wait for. Surprises are fun!

Pierre: … … …

8. What are you hoping those listening to the EP will take away from it?

Graham: Whatever they need from it. If they need to rock, rock. If the need to cry, cry. If they need to feel like they got punched in the face, they can take a copy of it and smash themselves in the face with it. It’s a Swiss army knife, really…

Pierre: I want people to feel inspired and realize that it’s completely OK to be sad. No one’s perfect, but we’re all perfectly unique. The key is to utilize some of that sadness and turn it into something bigger.

9. What would be some advice you would like to give to fellow Montreal bands that are in the studio or are thinking of recording soon?

Graham: Do your research and plan accordingly. Budget is obviously a big thing too so try and work with people who are willing to help out younger/maturing artists. I have the privilege of having some recording gear myself so that definitely helped out in the pre-production state, along with the actual recording. Your friends are your biggest asset, alongside your bank account, so use both wisely.

Pierre: Do it for the right reasons. Especially in the pop scene. Montreal has a really healthy hardcore/metal music scene. Pop, not so much. Get ready to face the music, literally. And learn to treat whatever fans you have with utmost respect and integrity.

10. Goals for the future on what you want to accomplish with Modern Ghost?

Graham: Realistic? Get out and play some shows in the summer. Get the ball rolling in a big way. Unrealistic? Become the queen of France and bathe in baby oil for 3-5 hours daily.

Pierre: Considering 90% of our record sales happen outside of North America, I think it would be time for us to go visit our International DREAMWARRIORS. They’ve supported us for a really long time, and I am dying to return some of that love in a real tangible way.

BONUS QUESTION: You are given the opportunity to play anywhere and invite anyone to see you take the stage. Where is the show taking place and who are you inviting?

Graham: Wherever the stage takes us; everyone’s invited.

Pierre: It really doesn’t matter where, but I would definitely invite Carly Rae Jepsen. For artistict purposes, of course…

Thanks for reading. Don’t puke in your jeans!